Friday, August 24, 2007

oh ra training.

it's weird to not be living in the same residence hall that i did for the past two years. quite weird actually. but amazing.

my staff is more wonderful than i could have ever imagined. and although it's been difficult at times, simply because i don't know anyone on more than a surface level, i know that the Lord has placed me here for a reason and it's so amazing to see his faithfulness already. but it is my hope that the Lord does open doors for relationships to develop like never before, and, in the mean time, i'm sure my abs will be sore again from the laughter soon enough.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

i've always wanted to be an avid writer. when i was little, i was convinced i was going to be an author, and my best friend was going to be the illustrator. as i've grown up, my dreams have changed, but i still love writing. and i love reading what other people write. and how they write.

it's hard to believe that i leave for school in less than two weeks. and it's hard to believe that my cousin is going to be a year old tomorrow and that my other cousins are going to be twelve in september. i feel old.

my mom and i were actually just talking about that the other day. she laughed at me when i told her i felt old. but she did agree with me that time goes by faster the older one gets. i feel like i haven't even had a summer.

but i have. and it's been one like never before. my sister moved to evansville. (in my opinion, she really needs to move back home.) i went to quaker haven, unfortunately not merom. i roadtripped to michigan. i went to the most beautiful wedding in ohio. i've spent countless, amazing hours with my parents. i've painted more than i ever want to again in my life. i've become more of a farm girl than i expected. who would have ever guessed that i would love driving tractors as much as i do?

perhaps it's because the colors seem so much brighter and lovely in fields surrounded by trees. or maybe it's because you never know when you're going to see a mama deer with triplet fawns, wild turkeys, a family of raccoons, or bunnies. or maybe it's because all of these things remind me of how big of a God we serve. or maybe it's because that is where i've found such solitude and peace i've been able to bow before the Father pouring out my heart's desires before him. or maybe it's all of these things.

regardless. this summer is not what i expected. however, it's been exactly what i've needed. isn't that just how God works?

my dad reminds me of a quote quite regularly, "God's never late; He's always on time." and lets just keep praying that He will open doors for me as He continues to reveal his plan. because, i know i cannot fulfill my biggest dream unless it is through Him.

and perhaps that will even include writing a book.