Monday, April 21, 2008

six weeks from tomorrow. how is that even possible?

time has been flying by lately. wednesday is the last day of the semester, and then i am officially a senior. where have these last three years gone?


regardless, as each day passes i continue getting more and more excited. the two girls and i had the opportunity to meet with the american board of directors two weekends or so ago. it was so comforting being in the presence of people who you know have been praying for you on a daily basis, and it was so encouraging for stacey and jess to meet these people and vice versa.

it still doesn't seem like it's really going to be happening, and it probably won't seem real until i'm at the airport on june 3 leaving behind everything i find comfort in and everything that i think is normal. but, until then i just keep praying that the Lord would be preparing my heart as well as the hearts of those i am going to encounter in India.