Friday, May 18, 2012

Eliana Joy--you are ONE month!

You have brought so much happiness to your daddy and me, and each day we are in awe of you. You are still in newborn diapers, and you have primarily been in newborn clothes.  However, last night you wore a 0-3 month sleeper, and it fit!  You are not the best sleeper unless you are being held, but I really can't complain.  You usually have one stretch during the day or night where you sleep about 3 hours.  When you do sleep, you always have your hands up by your face and you usually have your head resting on your hand or your arm.  You have learned to take a pacifier pretty well which makes mommy and daddy very happy that you have something to soothe yourself, and you LOVE white noise.  When we turn it on for you, you immediately calm down.  You do seem to have a pretty sensitive tummy, so mommy has had to be careful not to eat spices or anything that could irritate you too much or else you cry and cry and cry because your belly hurts.
Everyone says that you look like your daddy still, but you have definitely changed tremendously since you were born.  Your eyes are blue, and the new hair that is coming in is blonde.  You make the funniest noises all the time, and everyone who hears you says that you are the noisiest baby.  You also make some pretty funny faces, and you rarely are still.  You have had lots of visitors this first month, and everyone loves holding you.  You also already know who mommy and daddy are, and sometimes if a lot of people have held you, you cry until mommy or daddy has you back.  You have been a jewel through church the past three Sundays, and everyone always has to come look at you and say how cute you are.

This month has been a whirlwind, and it has gone by so quickly.  You are growing so fast, and while I love watching you change, I am sad knowing you will not always fit so securely nestled in my arms as you do now.  However, I still am treasuring every moment I have with you.  You already make me proud, and I still love you more and more each and every day. 

What a privilege it is to know that God has entrusted your daddy and me to raise you in His ways and to love you unconditionally.  We are so thankful to Him for you now and always.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I love this little girl.

May 13th was my first Mother's Day.  May 13th was also Baby Dedication Sunday at church.  Dan and I made the decision to have Eliana dedicated due to our desire for her to be raised in the church surrounded by Christian Community where she can be loved and supported by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  Our hope and desire is that she will grow and learn who Jesus is and that she will fall in love with Him.  Dan and I have been entrusted with a big responsibility, but we are so thankful God chose us to be her parents.  However, we are well aware we cannot raise her effectively on our own and that we need others to not only encourage us but safe people for her to look up to and trust in her future.

In other news, Eliana is continuing to grow, and she is actually four weeks old today.  I cannot believe how fast time is going.  Adjusting to motherhood has been more than I could have ever hoped for, and it was well worth the wait.  On Friday she will be one month old, and I have every intention of updating on Friday with more specifics of what this last month has looked like.