Monday, January 21, 2008

"I've experienced a whirlwind of emotions as I've attempted to wait patiently to see how the Lord was going to work in this situation [India]. There were days when I was so frustrated I wanted to make my decision right then that I wasn't going to go, and there were days I was so excited I wanted to ask every person I saw on campus to go with me because I knew I couldn't go alone. Regardless, I continued to bathe this situation in prayer, and as difficult as it was at times, I continued trusting blindly that the Lord was going to show me if he wanted me in India, if he wanted me in a different country, or if he wanted me to stay at home..."

almost a week has passed since i wrote that in an email to the board of directors for the Hope Home in India. and it is exactly a week today that i found out that my dream is starting to become more of a reality. it's hard to explain in words the way i've felt over the course of this past week. overwhelmed, excited, anxious, joyful...and the list goes on.

it's hard to believe that seven months ago i began praying for the Lord to open doors for me to spend my summer overseas if that is where he wanted me. there were times when i was completely convinced he wanted me in India, and other times i was completely convinced he wanted me in Guyana, and other times i was completely convinced i was going to be in Indiana, still. and even though i knew the Lord was going to work this situation out according to his purpose, i still felt as if i had no guidance nor answers for such a long time. and now, thinking of the potential of three other girls joining me for six weeks this summer is far bigger than i could have ever even imagined.

praise the Lord that even when our prayers seem to go unanswered his ways are still far above and better than anything we could ever imagine. and now, i must continue praying and trusting that He is going to allow the rest of the details to fall into place.