Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

as i scroll through my pictures from India, periodically, my heart is warmed, and my excitement continues to grow day by day.

since my last post, i feel like quite a bit has happened. God has continued to show up, and He is putting everything exactly in place.

the first big thing is that stacey made the decision to go with us this summer. the second big thing is we now have a translator, nivya, and dad found stacey's preceptor for her nursing requirements. our tickets will be purchased within the next couple weeks; it seems unreal.

i am continually amazed, and i am so excited to continue learning and for the Lord to continue preparing my heart. and for now, i'm going to end with a quote that stuck out to me from Bill Hull's book The Disciple Making Church,

"I am not sure why evangelicals experience so much angst over God’s will: It always seems clearly communicated when needed. So many Christians want to know too much too soon; they would rather walk by sight, knowing what is going to take place beforehand. However, God requires us to walk by faith, not knowing the unnecessary. Part of resting in Christ and finding his contentment involves the willingness to live in a fog over future details."

i pray that i will continue learning what it truly looks like to walk by faith, and that i will find contentment while living in the fog.